5 Easy Summer Hair Styles Featuring ZALA Hair Extensions


Summer is the best season to try new, gorgeous, and chic hairstyles. It’s the time of the year to enhance your look with some trendy and easy styles that can also hold out against the heat and humidity all day long.

Even if your hair is short or medium-length or if it lacks volume or thickness, you can pull it into some lovely hairstyles this summer. Use Zala hair extensions to add length, volume, and thickness to your hair, and wear styles you wouldn’t be able to pull off with shorter locks.

From mermaid waves to dutch braids, explore trendy and easy summer hairstyles featuring ZALA hair extensions. Try these hairstyles with Zala tape-in hair extensions; you’re sure to be amazed at your transformation.

1. Mermaid Waves

While you can try mermaid waves without extensions, this hairstyle and hair extensions go hand in hand. Suppose your hair is on the fine side. In that case, the best tape-in hair extensions from Zala coupled with the mermaid waves will lift your look to an entirely new level. Look stylish and sexy with this easy hairstyle.

Steps to Get This Hairstyle:

  1. Spray your hair, including your extensions, with a heat protectant.
  2. Create medium-wide segments of hair (not too narrow, not too wide).
  3. Take your mermaid waver, hold it against the hair segment, and then carefully slide it down.
  4. Remove the mermaid waves around an inch from the hair’s end to make the hair look more natural.
  5. Use a texturizing spray to give your hair a finishing touch.
  6. Repeat the above steps on all hair segments, and you’re good to go!

2. Twists

This is yet another cute and easy hairstyle that features Zala tape-in extensions. The twists are beautiful and versatile, adding a unique summer vibe to your hair. Get creative to make it look smooth and formal or beachy and messy.

Steps to Get This Hairstyle:

  1. With the hair extensions in your hair, curl or smoothen your hair (depending on the effects you want to achieve).
  2. Create 1-inch wide hair segments, starting from your forehead and twisting the sections in a reverse direction to converge at the rear of your head.
  3. You’re free to lift the bits as you create a braided twist or just use the segments made in the previous step.
  4. Secure the sections at the back of your head. You can tie the two segments into a ponytail, use a clip to hold them together, or simply allow them to swing down for a boho effect.

3. Top Knot

A top knot is an excellent option for working women who wear hair extensions. You can wear it messy or sleek, depending on the look you want to achieve. The best part: it is easy and trendy.

Steps to Get This Hairstyle:

  1. Install your hair extensions like you normally do. Remember that tape-in extensions are best when applied by a professional, but clip-ins can be installed at home.
  2. Take the hair in the front area and pull it back into a bun on the crown of your head.
  3. Tease the hair from the sides of the bun for a messy look. Or, leave it as it is for a polished appearance.

Your top knot is ready. That was super easy, wasn’t it?

4. Low Ponytail

A low ponytail works well for all hair types, including fine, medium, and thick hair. This is a stylish, easy, and low-maintenance hairstyle—the perfect hairstyle for busy women.

Steps to Get This Hairstyle:

  1. Wear your hair extensions and pull the hair into a low pony (downward from the level of your ears).
  2. Use a hair elastic to hold the ponytail in place.
  3. Remove a 1-inch-wide portion of hair from the pony and shawl it around the ponytail’s base. This will help hide the elastic.
  4. Tease some hair strands at the top of your head to add volume.
  5. Pull some hair at the front of your face to create a beautiful face frame.
  6. Give your hairstyle a finishing touch with a texturizing spray.

5. Dutch Braid

Braids look chic yet timeless with thick hair. So, if your hair is on the thin side, you can get hair extensions to add the thickness you need for dutch braids.

Steps to Get This Hairstyle:

  1. Put your extensions in your hair and create a center part from the front to the nape of your neck.
  2. Take three small hair segments at your hairline on one side of your head and start weaving each section. The hair on the right side should go under the middle segment, and then the section on the left will go under that.
  3. Continue braiding in the same way until you reach the nape of your neck.
  4. Put a hair tie around the braid at the back of your head.
  5. Repeat steps 1-5 on the other side of your head.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.