Soft Girl Aesthetic: 5 Must-Have Spectacles


Long-lasting wardrobe staples and fashion basics are more important than ever, and eyewear is no exception. If you are someone who’s into the soft girl aesthetic, then we’re sure that your closet is filled with tons of versatile and subdued tone accessories. So, why not add a pair of spectacles for girls that can be your holy grail accessory for every occasion and mood. With so many fresh styles in spectacles for girls, you can create a mix of both bright and nude hues!

So let’s get you shopping.

Here are a few gorgeous designs in spectacles for girls that you choose from:

Bubble Gum Wayfarers

Who said pink is for the spring season only? These hella cute pink wayfarers from Fastrack are as chic as it gets. The smooth and comfy matt-finish frame allows you to wear them all day long. Made from durable and sturdy TR90, these spectacles for girls are perfect for workwear as well as casual outfits. Pair them with a knotted black shirt and boyfriend jeans to rock the old school meets modern look!

Cat Eye Cutie

These purple cat-eye rimmed spectacles for girls will make you go WOW just at first glance. The dual-toned glasses are a hit among girls and escalate your facial features like nothing else. The shiny finish and comfortable feel of these glasses add to the look of this pair. Achieve the soft girl aesthetic vibe by pairing these chic cat-eye glasses with pink biker shorts, a tank top and the good old hoops. Finish your look with a cute bun hairdo, and you are all set to be a queen!

Flamin’ Red

This super feminine and cutesy cat-eye frame from Fastrack is what every soft girl needs in her closet. Just the right amount of pop and cosy, these spectacles for girls can be paired well with a plaid skirt, cosy sweater and giant hair clips. Made from TR90, these glasses will last you longer than you can imagine. It also has included scratch-resistant lenses for the best visual experience. Suitable for every face type and occasion, get your hands on this pair today!

Tried-and-True Style

These bloom pink marble finish spectacles for girls are something that will envy all of your friends. Flip your hair and unleash your inner Ariana with these sassy cat eyeglasses. Pair these with tones like lavender or even olive green to nail the look. Make all your soft girl dreams come true with this ultimate handmade acetate frame.

Poppin’ in Pink

Balance out your weekend monochrome look with these bright pink cat-eye spectacles for girls. Add a pair of white sneakers to your outfit and make an entrance looking straight up fire. The glossy finish brings sheen to make you stand out wherever you go. Opt for these glasses for unmatched finesse and bomb selfies. Think butterfly clips and soft toned scrunchies to take your look to the next level!

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Are you thinking of revamping your Insta to a soft girl aesthetic only? Then the right pair of spectacles for girls can take you many steps closer. Embrace your emotions and unique style to come out even stronger. While shopping for eyewear, make sure to check out brands like Fastrack online. They offer a host of subtle toned as well as bright-hued spectacles for girls to choose from. You can also filter according to your budget to find the perfect frame from the comfort of your home!

Soft Girl Pro Tip: Your fashion can be soft and strong as hell at the same time!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.