Ponytail Ideas for Summer That Are Anything but Basic

Ponytail Ideas for Summer That Are Anything but Basic

Long hair has both its perks and problems. Having too much weight on your shoulders during the summer months might not be a preferred choice for many ladies, but it allows you to experiment with different hairstyles. For instance, ponytails are among the most classic hairstyles that work for almost every hair length. We gathered the most beautiful ponytail ideas for summer to show you the chicest ways to wear your hair up. Take a look at our list and discover all the ponytails that will amp up your summer look.

ponytail ideas for summer that are anything but basic
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Add retro vibes to your look with a low-hanging ponytail and a scrunchie. This 90s accessory is still very popular and presents an easy way to keep your strands off your face.

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