6 Things Women Should Know About Cheeky Underwear


In the traditional world of women’s underwear, you either choose coverage and modesty with the practical full-brief-style panties or get kinky and all-skin underneath wearing a sexy thong.

But what about those who want something in between? What’s underwear with more support and coverage than the thin, lacy thong, but also a bit more seductive and cheekier than briefs?

The answer? Cheeky panties.

With a daring cut standing between classic panties and thongs, cheeky underwear like the ones from EBY and other trusted sources brings attitude, style, and functionality to your underwear game. Let’s talk about what you’re probably missing underneath.

But first…

What Is A Cheeky Underwear?

Cheeky panties leave more of your butt cheeks exposed than your typical panties but still provide more modest coverage, especially in the front, than thongs. In addition, cheeky underwear is designed to have wider side panels for more hip coverage. This helps keep the panty stay in place without digging into your side since the wider fabric band evenly distributes the pressure to the larger area of the body.

Must-knows About Cheeky Panties

Cheeky underwear earns its name from its cheekiness in both cut and attitude. These panties feature narrower fabric across the butt than your typical panties but significantly have more coverage than thongs. Here are some of its features:

1. Cheeky But Comfy

Comfort is a top priority when you’re choosing underwear to buy, and cheeky panties got you covered. They don’t show off too much skin but also don’t have the excess fabric that’d make you feel suffocated below.

Cheeky underwear has comfortable seams at a distance away from sensitive areas without covering the whole thigh. Thus, you can work all day long without noticing you’re wearing it or itching to adjust it.

2. Perfect For Jeans

Cheeky underwear offers enough fabric for an extra layer of protection from all the seams of your jeans, especially leggings, but not too much to the point you need to be embarrassed with a visible panty line.

This only means you can walk around, sit down, or even bend over without any stress or worry. Whether you’re a jean person or rocking those tight leggings, cheeky panties give you a barely-there feel.

3. Figure-Flattering

If you think you need to get one of those suffocating, extra-tight shapewear to tone and sculpt your back asset, then cheeky underwear will prove you wrong. The seams of a cheeky panty meet your bum cheeks at the perfect place for the much-needed lift.

The V-cut, on the other hand, can lengthen your leg, making you look leaner and longer. Such panty style looks great on every type of body, allowing you to undress with confidence.

4. Won’t Leave You Hanging

If a sexy thong leaves your butt cheeks to feel unsupported, then cheeky panties will have your back. Designed for holding your butt cheeks, cheeky panties will give you the much-needed boost without creating unwanted bulges or digging into your thighs.

Just make sure you buy the perfect size because if you’re wearing undersized underwear, then you should expect bulges regardless of the kind of panty you wear. Take note, the seams should never dig into your skin or leaving visible marks.

5. Never Restrictive

Regardless of how active you are, cheeky underwear won’t be restrictive of your movements. If working out or doing your yoga poses in a thong makes you super uncomfortable, then rock cheeky underwear next time you work on a mat.

As you do, you’ll see stretching, jumping, bending, and jogging will be a lot easier with your underwear unnoticeable and not fighting against you. This’ll provide you more freedom in moving and expressing yourself.

6. Fun And Flirty

Its name already says it—it’s cheekily cute, showing little skin to leave some to the imagination. If you wish to up your underwear game, especially in bed, but still wish to retain a sense of modesty, then cheeky is a must-try.

However, even if you don’t plan on being seen in your panties, a great bottom layer can give you a nudge of style even while fully clothed.


You don’t have to worry about uncomfortable underwear inhibiting your movement and style. If you need a no-show pair of underwear that’d also make you feel and look your best, then look no further than the cheeky style.

So what are you waiting for? Try out cheeky panties—comfy, conscious but playfully, slightly seductive undies that’ll never let you down! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.