Getting Ready for the First Date: What to Wear and Why


A first date is, of course, a very important occasion for any girl. So it’s vital to know the do’s and don’ts about first-date fashion nuances in order to produce an unforgettably effective first impression. The pieces you select and your style of dress are the most important things to consider for the first date. The way you choose and combine different pieces reveals a lot about your personality, so choose wisely. Thus, here we have some general fashion tips and dos-and-don’ts on what to wear on a first date and why for your complete success.

As it generally should be with any type of garment, your clothes for the first date should be, first and foremost, comfortable to walk in.  Thus, be sure to pick the comfiest garments possible, which also refers to excluding the brand new and never-sported options, the peculiarities and possible movement limitations of which you will most probably be unaware of. Also, include some natural fabrics of your choice to avoid the undesirable consequences of the synthetic options, one of which is perspiration.

Further, be sure to look as natural and true to you as possible so that you will feel yourself and will present you just the way you are. Thus, if you’re a heel maniac, then don’t hesitate to sport your favorite pair put in the most effective combo with other pieces. If you like the grunge style, it is also a very suitable alternative for you. The romantic looks are just another cute option you may choose, in all the cases putting the garments as cozily as possible is vital.

Finding out your final destination is another good idea, which will give you the chance to choose the most exactly matching garments. This way, you may choose some comfy shoes for a long walk in a romantic park, or a striking and super chic dress with just as cool heels for restaurant looks. You may also look through some tips and tricks available about this or that combo, to be more inspired and informed.

Finally, just try to choose the options, which you personally like the most. If you like the way you look, this will surely boost your self-confidence. The latter is one of the most important factors you need to have on a first date. Just look at yourself in the mirror and see how stunning and perfect you are! This is the key to success.

In addition, here are some frequently occurring don’t-s that we would advise you to avoid.

• First, try to exclude using too much of white and brownish shades for your apparels. The first tone as you might know is associated with the bridal looks, which might be misunderstood in your case, even if the guy you’re dating is bold and free enough. The second on the other hand, is too cozy and quite homier.

• Also, try to avoid the huge text prints for shirts, with all the possible variants and contents.

• Additionally, be careful not to overdo with the open and explicit garments. Thus if you’ve chosen a décolleté for the top, choose something classier and more humble for the bottom. Try to preserve the mysterious effect.

Finally, don’t forget to smile. This is the best guarantee of confident and memorable looks, which is the most effective makeup for your cute face.


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Written by Rima Kh.
Rima is a great fan of arts, poetry, cultures and fashion. She's interested in everything that's extraordinary and different. Find her on Google+