35 Awesome Box Braids Hairstyles You Simply Must Try

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Box braids have been around forever. The ’90s were notorious for the multiple stranded box braids that were all about sexy ethnic style. Long hair pulled into multiple strands of braids seemed hip and cool, rocked by top girl band singers and the ladies of pop.

Today, those who opt for the natural and need a way to keep their hair out of their eyes, sometimes quite literally, head towards the box braid hairstyle.

There are multiple reasons for one to indulge in box braids, as well: protection from the elements by keeping ends tucked in safely, low maintenance, major convenience and dealing with the frizz caused by the harsh humidity of the summer months. With so many factors for the style, it only makes sense that we can enjoy the look hassle free today, as well.

Once you have considered the size (thick rope or thin plaits), prepped your hair by conditioning and blow drying it straight, and are ready with your clean hair, make sure you have a good amount of time allotted to have the braids done. Remember to maintain it well though and to be careful not to add too much pressure to your scalp as the weight and the pull of the hair can cause temporary or even permanent hair loss once you release the tresses. It’s a versatile look so be sure to have fun with it.

Now that you have decided on getting your hair done into box braids, here are a few awesome box braids hairstyles to choose from when heading in to the specialist.

#1: Long and Thin Box Braids With a Side Part

Adding in extensions is a common thing when going for the box braids, which means you have all the sexiness of a ’90s pop star! Braids that fall to the waist are pretty awesome unto themselves, albeit really heavy, and keeping them thin and sleek adds to the beauty of each strand, the side part giving it a fuller look overall. Wear with thick eyebrows and overdrawn lips for the most attractive exotic look.

#2: Long and Medium Box Braids

Long box braids are the norm and we know that. Many of the looks on this list fall into that category. While some are super thin though, we see those that are a bit on the thicker side, the braids themselves appearing more relaxed. For women of color, this is a great go-to look and it looks wonderful with the makeup focused mainly on the slanted eyes.

#3: Long Silver Gray Box Braids

These gorgeous box braids are dyed in the granny-chic silver gray hue, and the multiple strands make for a very lovely ‘do. The plaits work best on medium length or long hair that falls below the shoulders, but also looks perfect when styled into such a casual ‘do. The makeup with it should outline the lips the best, contour the cheekbones and add on the lashes, though we absolutely love the au naturel look on this pic.

#4: Long Jumbo Box Braids with Top Bun

Jumbo box braids are a common look among women of color, especially when they pick this half up and half down look, pulling part of the plaits up into a circular ring from the crown and leaving the rest from above the ears down around the shoulders. The roots are nice and thick, tapering off towards the ends. This looks best with some layers in there to really work those tapers.

#5: Red Tinged Long Box Braids

Half pulled into a half updo and the rest left down to cascade over one shoulder, this is a look that is full of braids and just a tinge of color. While black hair is the most common among women of African roots, the gorgeous mass of braids that is created when you add a few dark brick red low lights creates just the right amount of contrast to draw the eyes over without appearing fake. Add cat eyes and you are good to go.

Awesome Box Braids Hairstyles: Long Box Braids


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Written by Tamar Najarian
Tamar is a psychologist, teaching and heading into the business world with a prospective MBA. A silly lover of books and words, she generally loves to seek out new adventures, getting her toes wet and her hands dirty. Having moved to Armenia nearly two years ago, she feels like the world is at her fingertips and anything is possible so long as you take a step in that direction.