Tips for Choosing Sexy Lingerie for Your Body Type


When one thinks of lingerie, it is a piece that should be in your closet for those times that you want to fall into your goddess-ness. Beautiful and sexy lingerie should have that feels-like-butter touch and sultry lace accents. However, there’s more to this undergarment than the fabric and design. 

Lingerie, whether for day or night use, should not compromise your comfort. Wearing the wrong type of lingerie can look awkward underneath clothing as well. However, you don’t have to feel the frustration of not finding the right one for your body.  

1. The Right Cut 

If you think that you are picking the wrong size, you might want to double-take. It is more likely that you are choosing the wrong type for your body. Remember that women’s bodies are different, even if they have the same cup, band, and bottom size. Our shapes and sizes can be confusing, unless you know yours. Get ready to boost your self-confidence.  

The Hourglass Figure 

The proportionate body type with the equal shoulders-to-hips ratio and a smaller waistline looks good in basically any type of lingerie. Matching sets, corsets, garter belts, and teddies look fantastic on this body type. You can easily emphasize your slender waist. Bodysuits are also a great choice because of the gradual curves that it accentuates. 

The Athletic  

These are the bodies that have a rectangular shape with an almost non-existent waist. Those with the athletic body type will benefit from lingerie that adds curves such as the corset. Underwear with long straps that hang from the waist will give an illusion of one, especially if you have a long torso. Bustier and cleavage-enhancing push-up bras are also an excellent choice to create plumper breasts.  


Ladies with wide-shoulders and narrow hips will look great with halter tops. Baby doll dresses in floaty skirts will balance the lower half to the upper. You can try on teddies with deep plunging necklines to help draw attention to the length of your torso. Tops with soft spaghetti straps will bring the focus away from broad shoulders. Racerback necklines will also accentuate busts instead.  

Round Torsos 

If your body is defined by a rounder bust and hips, you have all the curves that lingerie can enhance. You can create a proportionate look with a negligee that draws attention to the bust and hides the waist and surrounding area. Lingerie gowns and playsuits also help elongate the upper torso to balance the top and the bottom.  


Women with narrow shoulders and small busts and wide hips have this body type. A corset or a push-up bra can add a bit of volume to the breasts to create a look of balance. Deep plunging necklines draw the attention to the chest as well. Bandeaus and matching sets of bra and undies with some ruffles may help create a level between the upper and lower body. 


Petite women are commonly known to have a shorter frame and slim body. Lingerie with deep necklines and high cuts elongates the body and gives the illusion of longer legs. Teddies with this cut will look great on petite shapes.  

Group of women with different body types on light background

2. Highlight Your Assets 

Women don’t always have to go by their body frames. Sometimes it is better to focus on an area of the body to accentuate or because they may need more support.   


Rounded full chests need all the support with a little bit of fashion. Bandeaus can give leverage to your curves as well as cute bras. Create a balance by wearing high-waisted underwear or ones with thicker bands that hug the waist. It will draw the attention of the chest.  

Thicker Bottom 

There are women, no matter the body frame, have plumper booty, and underwear can be tricky. A G-string or thong can help highlight your curves. Going for more coverage, go for panties with a high waist or boy shorts, no matter the fabric. Your bra will depend on the shape of your breasts. 

3. When to Wear Your Lingerie 

Now that you have the right pieces to adorn your body, here are some tips on how you can benefit more in wearing them.  

1) If you are out and about, wearing underwear with lace, ribbons, or decorative accessories will show under clingy tops or turtlenecks. If you do not want to appear awkward, choose everyday bras that you can wear daily. 

2) Molded cups will only benefit you if you are wearing one with the right size. Using them to give the appearance of larger busts only leads to failure without round busts.  

3) Sports bras or bras that give full support are best to wear at home as well. Breasts can still stretch out if you are not wearing bras at home.  

4) Thongs are sexy but may irritate the skin. Choose hypoallergenic fabrics like cotton to keep your skin comfortable and lower the risk of bacterial growth. 

5) Hourglass and curvy shapes will benefit from high-rise panties that provide the right comfort and sits well on your body without rolling up. 

In Conclusion  

Solving lingerie mysteries is not about focusing on how it looks, but what will highlight what you already have. Some women focus too much on the designs without the thought if it suits their body types or not. Investing in lingerie and benefiting from it the most means it must sit on your body like it is meant to be there. You’ll gain more confidence that way.  

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.