How Graphic Design Impacts the Fashion Industry


When the artists create their masterpieces,  usually, if not always, they are aimed at communicating a big message to the world. Fashion artists do it through, textures, colors, designs, prints etc. The moment the message has been created there must be someone who will deliver it to the world in the most convenient and memorable way. Fashion is believed to be the area that might contribute a lot from visual components. Since they are able to affect customers purchasing decisions in a quite favorable way for the one who is selling. Graphic design definitely has it all. It sort of can generate a bridge between end products and customers via generating visual specifications.

Imagine your spring collection is ready to see the world and the world is ready to adopt it. Every little bit of your heart and soul is in it. Tini tiny detail is thought through with immaculately accurate approach and now it’s time to present to the audience who can see it the way you actually have pictured it. You are lucky if the designer who you asked for a help could totally get you. This way they can carry the message out and show the value that you’ve put into it.

However sometimes you cannot trust someone to cover all the marketing technicalities, since the person in charge does not “feel” your product. The only way to fix it is to become that person yourself. For this purpose you are welcome to check through  user friendly app Crello. It is very easy and convenient tool for generating all sorts of graphic designs for Social Media (instastories, facebook covers), Websites (email headers,ebook designs), Ads (instagram, facebook), and Print (poster designs, etc). Also it has a lot of pictures at your disposal and various ways of text placement. You will be empowered to create the best design for your product, which will completely express you and get a chance to diversify your visual content. You are not required to be a professional graphic designer. Crello will give you a chance to feel like one any way. Easy approach to developing some quite sophisticated designs is pretty much this app’s moto.

So what is the field of expertise of graphic design in  developing your brand and advertising it to the audience?

Bring your brand to life

To make your brand recognizable it should have its own identity. It is very important what look it has and, of course, what it communicates. You will always know what Adidas has to say or how Chanel looks. Graphic designers take responsibility for placing your brand on the  stage and making a statement through logos, compilations of photos and color patterns. 

Advertise right

When your brand is fully “dressed” and pretty “vocal”. You have to have more people to see it and definitely start longing for it. Planning advertising campaign you must take into consideration quite a lot of factors. First and all  people who are going to be engaged into process have got to know your product, your potential audience and the budget you are operating with. If you feel like you find hard time searching for the right designer who might meet every requirement you have, you know what might be of a great help.

Know your “HOWs”

Next step is to think of all the “HOWs”, like whether you are going to advertise by the means of digital environment, think  websites, blogs, social media or you will refer to print media, AKA posters, packaging design, lookbooks etc. Smart combination of both will contribute to productive result.

New on the market

When you are new on the market then it’s where things go wild and you simply must totally be at the mercy of a high quality graphic design developed for your promotion. If the website has it right and things there align with the big idea of your brand you will for sure get clients attracted. Developing decent UI and UX, you get an opportunity to unite your brand with its potential clients. Since already from all the visual aids created and  placed on the page, they start forming their decision of “I should try it”. Beautifully designed poster that “stays on topic”, if you know what I mean, will definitely entice people into visiting your shop off- /on-line, or attending a premiere of your new line, which will serve as a great starting kick.  

To sum up

One way or another the impact of “done with taste” graphic design is hugely significant, since it gives your business an oxygen to breath with. Ones great Ralph Lauren said,  “I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” So as graphic designers design ways to make those dreams come true, and let  people reach out to the gist of the product offered.


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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.