How To Wear Crop Tops


Crop tops have always come in and out of fashion. They are nothing new, but the crop tops of today are much different than the ones your parents will remember wearing. Plus, revealing a little skin is always sexy, especially during hot summer days. Though it is currently a big winter trend, too. To this end, cropped tops are having a great popularity among both celebrities and fashion enthusiasts.

A crop top is a short blouse or T-shirt which exposes some of the abdomen. You can wear a crop top as a sportswear or daywear, but also pull off more sophisticated and refined looks with this piece of fabric.

Although crop tops look chic on models and celebrities with flawless silhouettes, they may lose their charm if sported in an inappropriate way. So how do you wear crop tops without being criticized at all? First of all, you should pay attention to where you are planning to wear this garment: if you are getting ready for a day at the beach or a party, that’ll certainly look amazing, however avoid wearing this quite daring item to your office or during serious business meetings. The second rule is the fit: if your top fits you well, you’ll certainly look stylish in it. Read below to become a master of the well-fitting crop top.

How To Choose Crop Tops

The most important step in looking chic while wearing a crop top is to choose it right. So before you fall in love with the color, print and design of a crop top and hurry up to buy it, pay attention to the following factors:

Length: Crop tops are available in various lengths, so you can go for longer or shorter tops depending on what style fits you the best. Keep in mind that you can wear a short crop top if you have a really perfect stomach without any additional fat.

Neck: Pay attention to the neck of your top. The shorter the top is, the more modest the neck should be.

Hemline: The hemlines of crop tops can be even or asymmetric. Try on a few styles to see in which you look the best.


Style: There are various styles of crop tops, such as sleeveless fitted tops, tight long-sleeved crop tops and loose, boxy crop tops with either short or long sleeves. So, pay attention to your personal style, to the clothes you are going to wear the crop top with, as well as the occasion while picking a crop top. Note that overly large, loose crop tops are very much in right now and easily available to find at places like Urban Outfitters.

Material: Before buying a crop top, evaluate its material. Tighter fitting styles, both long and short-sleeved, should be made of a fabric that has some stretch in it. More revealing styles should be made of thicker fabrics. For looser, boxier styles, thinner fabrics are preferable. Lace can also do for such types of crop tops.

Bottoms: It’s important to consider what you are paring the crop top with. You can wear it with low-rise pants for a sexier look, or with high-waist shorts, skirts or pants for a more balanced, modest look. Remember the golden fashion rule: the shorter the top, the longer the bottoms should be in order not to look overexposed and trashy. Also keep in mind that tighter-fitting crop tops look great with pants, shorts or skirts with more volume. These crop tops also look amazing with bottoms that sit higher on the waist. Looser crop tops can be teamed up with tight, body-hugging pencil skirts, pants and shorts.

How To Wear Crop Tops

Once you have chosen the best style of crop top for you, it’s important to learn how to wear it the proper way. Wearing a crop top requires you to keep a few important things in mind.

Smarten It Up

A crop top looks ultra-chic and elegant when paired with a pencil skirt. During cool days, you can also wear a vest or a lightweight blazer and match your top with tailored shorts. With the help of a blazer or a summer shirt you can easily make a transition from day to evening look.

Dress Up

There are many great crop top styles available decorated with studs, beads, jewels and lovely prints. You can wear this style with a full skirt or a pair of classic pants.

Hint At It

A crop top doesn’t have to expose too much of skin to look stylish. You can choose such a top and bottom combination that just hints that the top is cropped by showing off a little part of midriff. It creates a playful now-you-see-it and now-you-don’t-see-it look.

Wear It Casually


A casual crop top that isn’t on a bustier or a bra top can be mixed and matched with maxi skirts and skinny jeans for a lovely summer day outfit. You can try a bit flowy style or one with an asymmetric hemline, as well as play up with various prints and colors.

The Vintage Crop top

Vintage crop tops / boob tubes don’t necessarily mean some conservative style. Instead, they are youthful and interesting and look amazing against relaxed cuts and high-waisted skirts. Actually, this style doesn’t show off your entire stomach and looks great for a daywear.

The Evening Crop Top

Featuring a high dose of casual flair, crop tops or tube tops aren’t usually translated into an evening wear. However, there are more complex styles featuring delicate lace or sheer details, studs and other embellishments, which look just breathtaking in combination with a clutch, high heels, an elegant skirt or pants. This evening look is sure to make heads turn.

The Sporty Crop Top

Well, if for a daywear and eveningwear crop tops may seem to be not so common, for sportswear they certainly are. The sporty crop top isn’t so revealing, however. This almost-not-a-crop-top style easily can be transferred into a casual day look, when paired with some relaxed pants and flats.


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