Things to Keep in Mind When Buying an Abaya


We live in a world that has many trendy designs to make the most out of life. Nowadays, the Islamic attires are starting to make their appearance in the latest fashion trends. More and more people want to mix the traditional pattern with a note of contemporaneity when they choose abaya style suits.

We’re here to tell you how to choose the best Abaya for your body type. You also won’t spend a lot of money on this, we guarantee!

What is your body type?

When you decide to buy an abaya, you need to choose one that will make you look great. Our first tip is to stop buying abayas just because their design looks a certain way. You need to make sure that you understand the abaya and its fabric. Keep in mind that you need to be comfortable in it, so be careful what you choose.

What is the perfect size?

If you like shopping online, make sure that there’s a size chart out there that has details about the design/ take a look at it before you place the final order. Check the size twice – perhaps it’s a good idea to check the sizes from other sites, too. However, there will be a difference in the size of different sites. Be sure to also check the official site of the manufacturer if you want true information about the size of the abaya.

It’s very important to understand the size differences in the UK, US, and India, as well.

Can I customize the size?

It’s actually advisable to do this. Many manufacturers offer this amazing way to get one that meets your needs. Look for the size and length, as it will be easier to choose one that fits your body. Don’t forget to check the garment length and also the bust size.

Is the fabric important?

As said before, you need to feel good in your abaya. You might want to use some pictures of the design as a reference, however, don’t rely on them totally. Check out the description; there should be details about the type of fabric and about the design. Embellishments might also be there, so make sure you check them out, too, in the description box.

What is the weather like?

It really depends on where you’re staying, but you should keep in mind the weather. Abayas are made from different kinds of fabrics, and you need to take one that suits you and the weather best. For example, in the UK you might want to get something that keeps you warm, while in India, you might want to get one made from light fabric.

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