The Ideal Ensemble To Wear On Your Private Jet Trip


Contrary to popular belief, flying in a private jet doesn’t permit you to dress like a hobo (you know who you are). Believe it or not, there are certain etiquettes to observe when mounting and, more importantly, dismounting a plane.

Things to Consider When Choosing Travel Clothes

  • Local customs

The first and most important rule of traveling to somewhere exotic is to know the local customs. When flying to some Middle Eastern countries, for example, women are expected to be properly covered. No cleavage, midriffs or thighs can be on display in these very strict places. Besides this, you should also consider how they treat travelers, even those flying private. To prevent yourself from being held up unnecessarily at the airport, make an effort to look smart at the very least.

  • Weather

Flying the private route can make you feel oblivious to the hassles of mere mortals, but even the ultra-rich can’t change the weather. Consider the weather of your destination, not just the climate control on your jet, especially if you travel light and don’t carry a suitcase with varied clothing.

  • Special activities

When you arrive at your destination, would there be anything special going on? The day you decide to slap on a pair of baggy jeans and a ripped shirt might be the day the Duke of Cambridge shows up at the same airport. All of a sudden, you find yourself caught on camera wearing something you shouldn’t be caught dead wearing.

  • Whose jet it is

If you are flying on your own private jet, there are no restrictions to what your in-flight attire can be. But as jet decorator Nicole Pollard Bayme put it, you have to treat a plane like a home or an office. So, if it’s someone else’s plane you are going on, dress as you would when visiting their home or office. In other words, don’t look shabby on another person’s jet.

  • The length of the flight

The last thing you want on a long flight is to feel uncomfortable. Not only will the stress of the journey get to you, but the discomfort of your clothes and possible lack of sleep or potential jet lag might get on your nerves.

What to Wear When Flying Private

Once you have considered all of the above, choosing a suitable outfit becomes a little easier. But just in case you are still stuck, here are a few items you may want to consider:

  • Big sunglasses

Sunglasses are good for two things: keeping you anonymous and preventing people from noticing you didn’t reapply your makeup. After a long flight, who can be bothered to get their face ready? You just want to shimmy off to your hotel and get ready for your day.

  • Bright scarf

Maybe it goes all the way back to the Jackie O days, but rocking a bright scarf off a plane is just the look. Plus, you might need a bright scarf to keep you cool on your tropical/summer retreat. And if you happen to spill some red wine on your ensemble during the ride, you can cover it with your handy accessory.

  • Duffel

If you are going to carry anything on the flight, package it in a medium-size bag that makes you look good. Or would you rather log a big suitcase around or put your change of clothes in a rucksack? Didn’t think so.

  • Hat

Hats are cool, hats are warm, hats are whatever you need them to be. Sure enough, there is a hat for every outfit and for every destination. Not only do they look elegant (think British Royalty), they also serve the purpose of helping with anonymity.

  • Dark skinny jeans

Look, once you get on the plane, you can strip down to your bare bottoms and no one can bat an eyelid (again, if it is your plane). But as you pass through the airport, you have to look the part and dark jeans are suitable for every occasion. They are a good mix between smart professional and super casual.

  • Sandals or slippers

Stilettos going in or coming off the plane are great, but once you get on the jet, do yourself a favor and swap the Louboutin’s for Gucci slides. Keeping your toes cramped when no one is watching is just not worth it, but don’t forget to change before you leave the plane….unless it’s one of those days and you can’t be bothered.


Whether you are traveling for leisure or business, there is no better way to go than via a private jet. If you are going to travel in style, you really should travel with style. As a rule of law, always look good no matter where you are going, but try to look extra special when traveling to a foreign country.


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The Ideal Ensemble To Wear On Your Private Jet Trip