The Best Pieces to Choose to Look Effortlessly Casual


Sometimes, we want to look effortlessly casual. We want to look nice (to show others that we tried a bit) without looking like we tried too hard. There are definitely a few statement pieces that can take your casual look and make it fashionable while still keeping that casual vibe. So, what are these pieces? We will show you three casual pieces below and three different way to style those pieces. Between these 9 looks, you are sure to find the effortlessly casual look for you.

A Distressed Tee

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a plain t-shirt. You can purchase one that’s already distressed (but be prepared to pay extra for the labor), or you can buy a plain t-shirt for $5-$10 and distress it as you please.

An Oversized Sweater

Oversized sweaters are certainly warm, comfy, and cozy, but there are so many ways you can make them work.

Drawstring Pants

Drawstring pants are nothing new in the trend world. But the different ways we can wear them are new. Drawstring pants, no doubt, give you a super-casual or even athletic impression, but they are actually more versatile than you think.


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The Best Pieces to Choose to Look Effortlessly Casual

Written by Malorie Mackey
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