The Sharp Lip To Go With Your Chic Outfit

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Are you planning a night out and want to look chić from head to toe?

Watch this quick tutorial on how to cheat a pointed lip. It will make a great final touch on your chić  look.  If you like the colors I am using, you can also shop them below.


1. Line the lips

Using the lip liner of your choice, start at the inside peak of your lips. Make a line from the top going diagonally to the opposite side of the lip. Repeat with the opposite peak forming an “x” in the center of the lips.  Then, connect the corners of the top lip to the peaks. Line your bottom lip how you naturally would.

2. Fill the rest of the lip in with the lip liner.

This gives the lip shape that you have created a more natural appearance, because it is all the same color now.

3. Apply a lipstick that’s similar in color to the lip liner.

And you’re done!
In my video I used:
The Sharp Lip To Go With Your Chic Outfit
MAC Lipliner In Dervish For $18.00 Here
The Sharp Lip To Go With Your Chic Outfit
Marc Jacobs Lipstick In “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” For $30.00 Here
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Written by Holley Wolfe
I moved to Los Angeles 7 years ago for music but ended up in fashion. That's just how things fall into place, sometimes! I had always been in front of the camera, but I felt like I would be better utilized behind it, so that's how my love for fashion started. I started styling celebrities for events, then editorials for magazines, and eventually, major AD campaigns. My primary focus now is being the brand ambassador for Fashionisers, sharing my knowledge with the world to help each person be the best, fashion-forward self they can be.