2018 Met Gala: Everything That You Need To Know

2018 Met Gala Everything That You Need to Know

The 2018 Met Gala is less than a week away. The biggest names in the showbiz are already having their final fittings! Before you get to go through the images from this year’s Met Ball, here is everything that you need to know about the most glamorous night of the year.

1. Where and When is the Met Gala Happening?

Traditionally every first Monday of May the Metropolitan Museum of Art opens its doors to the richest and most famous people on earth. Everyone from the biggest stars in the showbiz to other influential people gets to walk the Met Gala’s red carpet. This year’s Met Ball will take place on Monday, May 7.

2. Who is the host and the co-chairs of 2018 Met Gala?

2018 Met Gala Everything That You Need to Know

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Since 1995, the Met Gala has been hosted by the US Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. She chooses other public figures to co-chair the event. This year’s Met Gala will be co-chaired by Rihanna, Amal Clooney, and Donatella Versace.

3. What is This Year’s Theme?

We are about to have a very exciting 2018 Met Gala considering this year’s theme. “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination is the latest Met Gala theme and the most controversial one yet. The event will feature 40 Vatican vestments and accessories spanning 15 papacies. Pieces that have never left the Vatican will be displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in honor of this year’s theme. Expect to also see pieces by Coco Chanel who was educated by nuns, and designers such as John Galliano and Crist‚Äö√†√∂‚Äö√¢‚Ä¢bal Balenciaga who’s work has been influenced by religion.

4. Who Gets Invited?

Unless you are among the wealthiest people from industries such as fashion, film, music, art, or you are insanely rich for some reason don’t expect an invitation to the Met Gala. Only the biggest A-listers get to attend. The list is subject to change, but many influential figures get invited every year.

5. What is the Price of The Tickets?

Being a celebrity comes with many advantages. The most famous figures get free designer gowns and makeovers for the event! Between 500-700 people make it on Anna Wintour’s official list and some of them even get paid by brands to be a part of the Met Ball. However, everyone from designers and companies to other people has to spare between $30 000 – $275 000 (for a table). On the bright side, all of the money goes to the museum.

6. What is The Dress Code?

2018 Met Gala Everything That You Need to Know

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Since we have a controversial theme this year, it’s expected that many designers will try to stay neutral. Connecting religion to fashion might look disrespectful to some people. However, the die-hard dress code followers such as Katy Perry and Rihanna will for sure take risks when it comes to their 2018 Met Gala looks.

7. Who is on the Guest List This Year?

The official list hasn’t been revealed yet. Anyway, it’s very exciting to know that fashion icons Rihanna and Amal Clooney will be there since they are co-hosting the event.

8. Will there be a Met Gala Live Stream?

Cameras are never allowed inside the event, so there will be no live stream. On the bright side, E! will have a live red carpet coverage that will start at 6 p.m EST.

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