The Beloved Floral Trend Continues

We have been seeing florals patterns and prints consecutively for quite a few seasons now, and the forecast states that they are not going anywhere. Transitioning from spring, to summer, then even into winter, the beloved floral trend continues.

Now crossing over into the world of beauty, florals are inspiring beauty gurus everywhere, including Katarina Van Derham. Today is the launch of her limited edition “Glamour Garden” lipstick collection in collaboration with global cosmetic brand LA Splash Cosmetics! This 4 color liquid lipstick collection consists of long lasting original colors inspired by her glamorous life and her love for cruelty-free beauty. You will find these buttercream scented shades inside a gorgeous floral print treasure keepsake box complete with a mirror, and a personal inspirational quote designed by Katarina herself.

Katarina has been in the beauty industry for many years, playing roles both in front of, and behind the camera. As a model, she grace the cover of over 60 magazines worldwide, and has appeared in over 600 major media outlets. As a well respected beauty specialist, she has glammed up many celebrities, and has been invited to judge many pageants and beauty contests around the world.

Being a vegan for 20 years, Katarina feels very passionate about changing the ways of the beauty industry and promoting a cruelty-free world. Navigating around what products are cruelty-free and not can be a challenge for anyone who is passionate about this cause. So, Kat started her line of 100% human hair eyelashes called, “KAT lash” and she was excited to break the trend of Mink eyelashes. She believes that no woman is truly beautiful unless she has a heart.

Katarina with Editor-In-Chief of Zensation magazine, Viva Tuckuviene

The “Glamour Garden” lip collection launches February 1st, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Show how big your heart really is with a beautiful, glam, cruelty-free gift for your gal! Here are the shades you will get in this collection:

Fashionisers (Nude): Inspired by the beauty looks on . This everyday color is meant to compliment any style. Trends come and go, but this color is forever.

90′ Girl (Dusty Rose): This Color is inspired by her favorite era, the 90s, when glam was reinvented and supermodels ruled the world!

Katarina (Peachy-Pink): This shade is inspired by Katarina’s exotic travels and is meant to help manifest the vacation of your dreams.

Glamarella (Hot Fuchsia): Inspired by Bougainvillea, Katarina’s garden favorite, this sexy and energetic color will add the right amount of glamour to any look.

” I am proud of working with the LA Splash cosmetics team, whom I share my passion for a cruelty-free world with. This collaboration was truly a dream come true and I am happy to add a touch of glamour to beauties from all over the world.”

The Glamour Garden collection is $69 and available Here.

-Katarina Van Derham



Written by Holley Wolfe
I moved to Los Angeles 7 years ago for music but ended up in fashion. That's just how things fall into place, sometimes! I had always been in front of the camera, but I felt like I would be better utilized behind it, so that's how my love for fashion started. I started styling celebrities for events, then editorials for magazines, and eventually, major AD campaigns. My primary focus now is being the brand ambassador for Fashionisers, sharing my knowledge with the world to help each person be the best, fashion-forward self they can be.