Zayn Malik Enjoying Bachelorhood with Brand New Penthouse After Breakup with Supermodel Gigi Hadid!

Gigi Hadid and BF broke up, but he’s enjoying his newfound freedom!

It was sad to see supermodel Gigi Hadid and her boyfriend of over two years, Zayn Malik break up recently. But, maybe Zayn is actually enjoying his newfound freedom. Why? The day he announced his breakup with Gigi, he also purchased a $10.7 million bachelor pad in New York!


Zayn purchased his swanky penthouse in New York‘s famous Soho district. It boasts four bedrooms, is 3,957 square feet and has red brick ceilings! This loft was built in 1877 and was originally an industrial building. In fact, it used to be a silk showroom and still features exposed ducting. Today, however, it has a modern feel with a state-of-the-art kitchen and oak flooring.


In addition, one of the most impressive features of this property is the 1,061 square-foot private terrace!


Perhaps Zayn is enjoying his new bachelorhood or maybe he is just pre-occupying himself with something new in light of his recent breakup with Gigi. Whichever the case, congratulations to Zayn on his new, stunning bachelor pad!