You’ll Never Believe What Bella Hadid Put Through Airport Security!

What did Bella Hadid put through the airport security machine?

Supermodel Bella Hadid is known for her lean, lithe figure. You might have seen her on the runway for Victoria’s Secret in their annual fashion show and she has adoring fans all over the globe.

She’s so tall and thin that what she put through the airport security machine might actually surprise her followers! What was it? A pizza!


Bella shared pics on social media of a mouth-watering pizza that she put on the airport security machine! She said, “I will forever remember the first time I had to send my pizza thru security.’


Two pizzas went through in addition to her pretty pink backpack. And after she had boarded the private plane, she shared another pic, this time of the pizza box open with the phrase, “gotta keep my girls happy’.


Well, we have to admit, that pizza sure looked good and we’re certain all her besties on the plane scarfed it up!