Will Meghan Markle Remain an American and What Will Be Her Official Status?

After Meghan marries Prince Harry, what will happen?

With the Royal Wedding only a few weeks away, many royal fans are speculating on the citizenship of Meghan Markle. After all, she is American. So, after she marries, will she be American or British?


This is a good question. Meghan and Prince Harry became engaged last year. And when this happened, his secretary said that the intention was for Meghan to become a British citizen. She would go through the regular process that one goes through to become a citizen of the UK and no special treatment would be given to her. This process can take time, so she may or may not be a British citizen by the time she marries.


What about her American citizenship? Many royal watchers are speculating that she will take dual-citizenship which allows her to be a citizen of both nations.

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Also, many are wondering if she will be given the status “Her Royal Highness’ or HRH? The last American who married into British royalty was Wallis Simpson. And the Queen did not give her this name. Instead, she was called, “Her Grace the Duchess of Windsor’. But inside her own home, Wallis Simpson was called “Her Royal Highness’.

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In Meghan’s case, she will probably be given the status of HRH because she and the Queen are not feuding like she was with Wallis Simpson. As you might know, Wallis’ husband, the Duke of Windsor, abdicated the throne to marry her.


Congratulations to the bride and groom on their upcoming royal wedding!

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