Will Meghan Markle become President of the United States?

Meghan Markle as President of the United States is not as far-fetched as it might seem.

Meghan Markle for President. The thought might sound preposterous at first. But how many would have thought that a little known actress from Los Angeles who was once a “Deal or No Deal‘ girl would end up marrying Prince Harry?


Meghan is all about ambition and making her dreams come true. And a source close to her said that she once told him her dream is to become President of the United States. And it may sound outlandish, but this is someone who is marrying into the Royal Family of England and who came from humble beginnings.

Also, Meghan is expected to still be a US citizen as she will have dual citizenship. US presidential candidates must be citizens.

And Meghan is already well-connected. She has a friendship with former President of the United States, Barak Obama and his wife, former First Lady, Michelle Obama. Oprah Winfrey attended the Royal Wedding. And Meghan’s BBF, Jessica Mulroney, is also well-connected. Her father-in-law was the prime minister of Canada for nine years.

She has fame, fortune, ambition and now power. What do YOU think? Could Meghan attain her ultimate goal of leading this country as President of the United States?