Will Meghan Bolt from Royal Marriage?

Will Meghan Markle leave her marriage to Prince Harry?

Royal fans wait in eager anticipation for the Royal Wedding that will take place on May 19th at Windsor Castle. And with the wedding just around the corner, many are expecting the new couple to live happily ever after. But there are others who are questioning this already.


Author and feminist icon Germaine Greer thinks that Megan will “bolt’ from her marriage to the prince. She believes that Megan will find royal life boring and has already left one marriage previously to movie producer Trevor Engleson. Also, Greer believes that Megan is marrying Prince Harry for money and status. And that sooner or later, the boredom of royal life will make Meghan want to leave.


Well, we can only hope for the best as the invitations have already gone out and the royal wedding is only weeks away!