Why Did Stormy Daniels Have Sex with Donald Trump in the First Place?

Stormy Daniels reveals why she originally had sex with President Trump!

By now, we’ve all heard about porn star Stormy Daniel’s affair with Donald Trump. And now, she reveals why she decided on having sex with him in the first place.


Stormy said she had sex with Trump because she wanted to appear on “Celebrity Apprentice’! They originally met in July 2006 at a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. But she continued to keep in contact with him because he said he might be able to cast her in the next season of “Celebrity Apprentice’. In fact, they even had phone calls where he said that he had spoken to producers of the show who actually loved the idea of her coming on as a contestant!


Stormy told Trump that she thought the executives at NBC were never going to let her become a contestant because she’s a porn star. But Trump said he thought she would be ideal because she is smart and not what people expect. She also believes he was serious and trying to get into a relationship with her.


Trump called her later and said that he couldn’t get her the spot on “Celebrity Apprentice’ and the two never met again. Do you believe her allegations? And what must Melania be thinking?