Who Has Been a Super Dad to a Kardashian Baby?

Who has stepped up to the plate to support and love his baby?

We’ve all heard the recent scandal with Khloe Kardashian and her partner, love rat Tristan Thompson. And after he allegedly cheated on her with several women while she was pregnant, most felt that he had let her down. She was devastated and publicly humiliated when she found out only days before the arrival of their baby, True, that he had been unfaithful to her.


Well, it is refreshing to find out that one man has actually been stepping up to the plate to take care of his partner and baby. Who is it? Rapper Travis Scott!


Since the birth of Kylie and Travis’ baby, Stormi, he has been a supportive and present father. Their relationship is strong and he loves to spend time with both Kylie and their new baby.


So much so, that he hasn’t even been focused on work. Instead, he is focused on his family. Kylie and Travis form a very close family unit and he is accepted by the Kardashian clan.


It’s inspiring to hear that there are real men who love and support their partners and children! Much continued happiness to Kylie and her fam!