Who Does Patrick Stewart Look Like When He’s in Drag?

Patrick Stewart looks like what famous political consultant while in drag?

When Patrick Stewart dressed in drag to promote his sitcom, Blunt Talk, many were surprised at the similarities between himself and a well-known blonde American pollster.   He dressed in a pink dress, a sexy wig and a heavily made up face.  Well, at first many thought he looked like the British actress, Helen Mirren. But now, people are saying he looks even more similar in drag to another woman. Who is it? Kellyanne Conway!


The counselor to President Trump and Patrick Stewart in drag look so similar that many have taken to social media to talk about it.  One commenter said, “Alec Baldwin as Trump. Melissa McCarthy as Spicer. Rosie O’Donnell as Bannon. And now…Patrick Stewart as Kellyanne Conway #DonaldTheMusical.”  While another simply said, “Patrick Stewart in drag is Kellyanne Conway.”


Well, we have to admit there is similarity between the two.  Another fan said, “I’m just over here waiting for @SirPatStew to star in the Lifetime movie about Kellyanne Conway.” We are too!