What Will Be Meghan’s “Something Borrowed”?

Will Meghan’s “something borrowed’ be from Princess Diana’s personal collection?

The Royal Wedding is merely weeks away, and royal watchers are buzzing with excitement! Many are already speculating about what Meghan Markle’s dress will look like when she marries Prince Harry at Windsor Castle on May 19th! Another thing royal fans are wondering is what will Meghan’s “something borrowed’ be?

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In case you don’t know what “something borrowed’ is, it is a time-honored tradition that is meant to give the bride good luck on her wedding day. Also, it is said to help with fertility and prosperity. This tradition symbolizes the community that is around you as you start your new life together as a couple.





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In this case, could Meghan’s “something borrowed’ actually come from the glamorous collection of jewels that belonged to Harry’s mother, Princess Diana?

After all, her engagement ring already contains two diamonds that are from Diana’s personal collection.


And royal fans are wondering if she will wear the Spencer Tiara worn by Diana as it is known that Princess Diana was the most influential person to Prince Harry.

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Congratulations to the bride and groom on their upcoming Royal Wedding!