What is the Status of Megan Fox’s Marriage?

Are Megan and Brian Austin Green on shaky ground again?

Megan Fox and her husband, 90210 actor Brian Austin Green, have had a tumultuous relationship for over 10 years now. They have been on and off throughout this time even though they have three children together. In fact, in 2016, they had split, but then got back together when they found out she was pregnant again.


Now, although they haven’t officially spoken about the status of their relationship, Megan did say on “Hollywood Medium’ this week that she needed to heal herself emotionally. This makes some wonder about the status of their marriage.


But then again, her statement could also mean that she needs some much needed “me’ time. After all, she is a mom of three, wife and movie star! She also spoke about her mom being a relationship oriented person as well. And Tyler Henry from “Hollywood Medium’ said that her mom is coming into a time of independence and change. Megan thought this could mean that her mom might decide to move from Florida where she now resides.


In any case, we wish the best for Megan, her mom, Brian and her family! We hope she gets the time that she needs to heal emotionally for herself!