What Do YOU Think the Royal Baby Should Have Been Named, Princey McPrinceface?

Royal fans took to social media to name the new royal baby.

Kate Middleton gave birth to the new royal baby earlier this week and all of Britain has been celebrating the birth of the newest addition to the royal family. His name has officially been announced as Louis Arthur Charles. But, many royal fans took to social media to name their son too. What did they suggest?


Well, some names were traditional and others were preposterous. Some of the expected names were James and Philip. More casual suggestions were Bob and Dave. Creative options included “Crumpet’, “Majesty’ and “Honour’.


And if the royal family wanted to “keep things simple’, royal fans suggested “Prince Bubba’ or “Prince Baby‘.

Some of the most outlandish names suggested on social media were “Opal Fruits’ and “Princey McPrinceface’!

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their third child, Louis Arthur Charles!

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