What did Meghan Markle’s Dad Eat Right After His Heart Attack?

Is having a heart attack the real reason Meghan’s dad isn’t walking her down the aisle and what did he eat after?

Well, this has certainly been the week for more Royal Wedding drama. As you know, there has actually been drama surrounding the upcoming Royal Wedding for months now. But perhaps nothing was as shocking as Meghan Markle’s dad not walking her down the aisle.

But let’s back up a bit to see the situations leading up to this dramatic turn of events. Meghan’s dad, Thomas Markle, was supposed to walk his famous daughter down the aisle when she marries Prince Harry this coming Saturday. He was on his way from his retirement community in Mexico when he claimed to have a heart attack. Thomas is known to be a recluse and prefers the quiet, private life that he has created just south of the border in Rosarito, Mexico where he is retired. Did the stress of the Royal Wedding bring on his heart attack?


Well, just after his heart attack, he was seen purchasing two Happy Meals and a milkshake from McDonald’s. He was also seen purchasing a bucket of KFC. And just before, he said he had the heart attack and had to seek medical attention.

Then, despite having a heart attack, he said he was going to rise to the occasion and come to England to give his daughter’s hand in marriage. But now, he had to undergo heart surgery and is unable to come!


Perhaps his diet in addition to the stress of the Royal Wedding is to blame. But is Thomas normally eating junk food? He was also seen at a 7-11 while crossing the border where he purchased a Yoohoo chocolate drink, a Frappuccino and some small snacks. He also purchased Gas-X.

And although Thomas crossed the border and was in Los Angeles for a short time, he then drove down the highway and was back in Mexico at home by 8:30pm on Thursday!

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Now, he says he isn’t able to attend the Royal Wedding due to surgery much to the shock and dismay of Meghan and the Royal Family.

Now, Meghan’s mom is expected to give her daughter’s hand in marriage.


Poor Meghan! What do YOU think of all of this Royal Wedding drama?