Tori Spelling Has a Nervous Breakdown!

Officers called out to Tori’s house after she has a nervous breakdown!

For the second time in one week, witnesses have seen officers at Tori Spelling’s house as she is said to have suffered from a nervous breakdown.


Tori shares her home with her husband, actor Dean McDermott, and their five children. And police were seen talking to her husband outside of their home yesterday. On Thursday, McDermott called 911 and said that Tori was having a nervous breakdown. She was not taken into custody or arrested, but the original dispatch message from Thursday said that authorities were responding to a “female mental illness’ situation.


It is believed that Tori’s breakdown was brought on by having to take care of her five children, her work and also by her marriage to McDermott. And many close to Tori fear that she is on the verge of a mental collapse. In addition, insiders say that the couple is heavily in debt and have major money issues.


We hope for the best for Tori and her family!