Should Facebook Ban This Photo for Inappropriate Content?

Why did Facebook remove this photo?

Facebook decided to ban an image this week of something that they considered to be inappropriate content. But is it really what you think it is?


Take a look for yourself, is this a rude image? Facebook apparently thinks so because after Dominic Ibaos posted it, they decided to remove it. But take a closer look. If you think this image is of a penis, look again. This photo is actually a puppy!


Dominic posted an image of his hairless puppy and shared it with an animal lovers group in the Philippines. A member of this group thought it was rude and sent it to Facebook. This puppy is a Mexican hairless breed known as the Xoloitzcuintli and is famous for having no hair.


And because this breed typically has no hair, many said this image looks like a penis. But in actuality, Dominic’s puppy is really just asleep in his hand.


Dominic’s cute puppy is named Dimitri and his image had gotten over 60,000 retweets, likes and shares! Dominic said that when he saw the image he only saw the puppy. But what you YOU think? Do you see a puppy or a sausage dog?