Plane Makes Unexpected Landing Because of Flatulent Man

Man’s flatulence causes plane to make emergency landing.

In rather bizarre news, a flight from Dubai bound for Amsterdam had to make an unexpected landing in Vienna. Why? An overly flatulent man caused the flight to become unbearable to other passengers and crew.


When flying, one might often expect to deal with certain annoyances such as crying babies, no leg room and the person next to you asking you to move so they can go to the bathroom. But not many would expect a man to have gas so intense that it would be impossible to sleep or even watch a movie through. During the entire six hour flight from Dubai to Amsterdam, passengers were annoyed by a man that passed gas every couple of seconds.


Crew wondered if this passenger was suffering from a disease or some other explanation for his flatulence. Whatever the case, several passengers complained about this man and the crew asked him to control his gas to no avail.


When this didn’t work, the airline had no other recourse than to make an emergency landing in Vienna to drop the flatulent man off. He refused to leave the plane and the police had to be called in to intervene.


Perhaps instead of air masks the airline should have provided gas masks!