Is Mick Jagger a Randy Old Bastard? Ask Keith Richards!

Keith apologizes to Mick for outspoken comment.

In yet but another twist in sixty years long, complex relationship, Keith Richards has apologized to Mick Jagger for a comment he recently made.


Keith called Mick a “randy old bastard” and said he should “get the snip because of those poor kids.” Keith said this because Mick is now 74 years old and had his eighth child in December of 2016.  Keith believed Mick couldn’t be a father to a baby at this age.  But now, Keith said that he deeply regrets his comment and wanted Mick to know that he was completely out of line.


This is not the first time the two have had their share of disagreements in the decades that they have known each other.  Keith has previously said that one of Mick’s albums was “dog*hit” and he also made a comment about the size of Mick’s manhood. Ouch.

But, they still remain friends after almost sixty years!

In addition to his newest baby, Mick has seven other children: Karis, 47, Jade, 46, Elizabeth, 33, James, 32, Georgia May, 26, Gabriel, 20 and Lucas, 18.