If You Think Jada Pinkett-Smith Looks Great, Wait Until You See Her SEXY Mom!

Jada’s mom has a body to die for!

Jada Pinkett-Smith has long been known for her beauty. And now you can see where her good looks are inherited from! Her mom, Adrienne Norris, showed her perfectly toned body off on social media this week to the shock and amazement of many. Why? She’s 64 years old!


Adrienne has chiseled abs and the muscle tone of someone decades younger than she is. And she even has a trendy tattoo on her hip! She’s a platinum blonde that defies age and she looks every bit as gorgeous as her famous daughter!


Jada posted on her Instagram account some images of she and her mom this past Mother’s Day looking beautiful and well-rested!


Let’s hope we all look as amazing as Jada’s mom at 64! What an inspiration she is to us no matter how old you are!