How Much is Daniel Craig Making for His Final Return as James Bond?

Daniel Craig makes bank for his final role as 007!

Before the filming of the last James Bond film, Daniel Craig made it very known that he had no interest in reprising the role that made him a star. But now, he has agreed to come back for a final time to reprise his role as 007. How much did it take to lure this superstar back?

Well, hold on to your hats because Daniel Craig is going to make an unbelievable $66.5 million for his role in the new James Bond film! And all this is after he said he would “rather slash his wrists’ than have to play James Bond again!


This new film is expected to be released in October 2019. And Daniel reportedly made almost $50 million for Spectre! Seriously, what is he complaining about?


The new James Bond film will begin shooting in December of this year. Do YOU think Daniel Craig is worth this much as 007 in the newest installment of James Bond?