How Large is Meghan’s Shoe Collection?

Meghan Markle is the new Princess of Style!

Meghan Markle is on her way to becoming the new Princess of Style! In fact, many now believe she will soon become the most influential woman in fashion. Already dresses literally fly off the shelves as soon as she wears them. And she has caused items to be sold out in as little as 20 minutes and E-Commerce sites to crash!

Meghan Markle is getting a Wax FigureMeghan Markle is getting a Wax Figure

Why? Women all over the world want to emulate her effortless style. From head to toe, fashion watchers are wondering what she will wear next. And this includes her royal accessories!


How large is Meghan’s shoe collection? Well, in 2016, she posted an image of some of her shoes.



This photo revealed 39 pairs of designer shoes that included Christian Louboutin pumps, Miu Miu satin pumps, Gianvito Rossi Plexi sandals and sexy Jimmy Choo suede booties!


Many estimate her collection to be well over $30,000! And included in her collection are Princess Diana’s nude colored Jimmy Choos! Ooh lala!


What type of shoes does Meghan prefer? Strappy shoes that are elegant and simple. And she’s almost always seen in heels!


What works about Meghan’s style is that she is sleek and her look is always put together. But it appears that she didn’t do much to achieve her look; it seems to be effortless. And that is the key to her fashion success!