Ewan McGregor’s Younger Lover Dumps Him!

Ewan McGregor gets dumped by the lover he dumped his wife for!

Well, they say that everything that goes around comes around. And this is true when it comes to Ewan McGregor’s love life.  Recently, it was reported that he left his wife of 22 years, Eve Mavrakis, for a younger actress, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.  Ewan and Mary Elizabeth starred together on “Fargo”. And while working on the set together, he fell for her and they had an illicit affair.


But, Mary Elizabeth was apparently hating the fact people were calling her a “homewrecker” so she decided to dump him!


Ewan had filed for divorce from Eve last month citing “irreconcilable differences”. And he had already been seen kissing Mary Elizabeth earlier. Eve found out about Ewan kissing Mary Elizabeth and was rightfully devastated. And she was beyond angry when Ewan won the award of “Best Actor in a Limited Series” at this year’s Golden Globes and he thanked both her AND Mary Elizabeth in his acceptance speech!

When asked what she thought of Mary Elizabeth dumping Ewan, Eve nonchalantly said she hadn’t heard of this news yet.


And although they have been seen out and about together in Los Angeles with their children, Eva has called their divorce “disappointing and upsetting”. But even through their difficult divorce their primary concern is for their children’s well-being.

We hope the best for this family in transition!