Dude, What Happened to Jet Li?

Asian superstar, Jet Li, looks almost unrecognizable in recent pic!

Many are asking the question, “What has happened to Jet Li?’ Why? After seeing a recent photo of him, he is barely recognizable!

He looks so different that many fans would argue that the man in the photo is not even the Chinese superstar that they adore! Jet Li is only 55 years old, but looks “frail and unrecognizable’ in a recent photo of him at a Tibetan temple. It is being said that he is battling “hyperthyroidism and spinal problems’.


But many are questioning the superstar’s overall health after seeing this picture. And Jet’s fans are taking to social media to say they are so sorry and saddened to see their favorite martial arts master looking so ill.


Only five years ago he starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Expendables 3 looking like his usual, fit self. Now, he looks much older and in frail health.


He will, however, be playing the Emperor of China in Disney’s new Mulan which is a live action version of the animated classic.


We wish the best for Jet Li and his family!