Dude, What Happened to Daniel Craig’s Face?

Fans are shocked by Daniel Craig’s recent appearance at the BAFTA Awards!

Daniel Craig has delighted fans as James Bond for years and many consider him to be one of the most debonair and handsome men in film today.  However, this week at the 71st British Academy Film Awards in London, he looked so unusual it both shocked and confused fans all over the world!


Daniel Craig looked so different many were surprised and took to social media to say he looked “plastic” or “odd”.  Others simply didn’t know what had happened to his face. One fan said, “Why does Daniel Craig’s face look like that?”  And another said on Twitter, “What’s going on with Daniel Craig’s face?”  One person commented what many were thinking, “Daniel Craig looks…different.”


Yes, indeed he did look different this week. Some surmise he has gotten either Botox or fillers or both. Or perhaps he has had some type of plastic surgery. Whichever the case, many fans were displeased with his new look.  Another confused fan said, “That frozen face will endure minimal…Eyefall. (A play off the Bond film, “Skyfall”.)



What do YOU think? Does Daniel Craig look weird or what?