Does Scott Disick Still Love Kourtney K.?

Scott is insanely jealous of Kourtney’s bf!

Even though Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian broke up in 2015, he is still showing feelings for his ex of nine years.  Apparently, Scott is “insanely jealous” of Kourtney’s new boyfriend, model Younes Bendjima. And Scott thought that her relationship with the young model was only a rebound fling that wouldn’t last. Apparently, the couple is happy and that is what Scott can’t stand.


Basically, he can’t bear to see her with any man and can’t believe she could be so happy with another guy that is not him. But, he’s not single himself! After all, he’s dating Sofia Richie, 19!


Well, it must be difficult for him to see Kourtney and Younes together as they are constantly in the tabloids. He probably sees photos of them together and in love every day!


A source said, “Whether they are together or not, Scott gets really jealous when he sees or hears about Kourtney with anyone. He’ll always love her, regardless of their status.”


We hope for the best for both new couples!