Does Rob Lowe Sleep with His Wife?

Rob actually sleeps better alone and so do 1 in 4 married couples!

Surprise, surprise, Rob Lowe said recently that he actually sleeps better apart from his wife, Sheryl. They have been married for 27 years which is a miracle in Hollywood!


Apparently, Sheryl stays up late on her iPad which causes Rob to not be able to sleep well. What does she do on her iPad? She plays the game Family Feud!


Well, Rob is not the only one who has trouble sleeping because of his partner’s nighttime habits. In fact, a new study showed that 1 in 4 couples sleep apart in order to get proper rest at night.


Rob said that his wife will play on the iPad into the wee hours of the morning! And there are other things that annoy couples at night. Some kick their legs around, steal the covers and snore. All of these factors can limit sleep for a partner, especially if they are a light sleeper. Apparently, even cuddling can make it difficult for some to sleep!


Do YOU have the same sleeping issues with your partner that Rob does? And do you choose to sleep apart?