Did Paula Patton Predict Meghan Would be Royalty One Day?

Paula Patton predicted Meghan would become a member of the royal family and you’ll never guess how!

Actress Paula Patton said she felt that Meghan Markle would become a member of the royal family before she met Prince Harry. And indeed, Meghan is marrying into the Windsor family in only a few weeks! How did she know? Her calligraphy.


Paula used to be engaged to singer Robin Thicke. He hired Meghan to do the calligraphy on their wedding invitations. And at this time, Paula thought Meghan was “meant to be royal’. Paula went on to say that Meghan had beautiful writing and was so graceful, lovely and kind.


Meghan used to work at the Paper Source in Beverly Hills and even taught calligraphy. She worked at the Paper Source as a part time job while she was auditioning for acting roles. Even then, her royal character showed through as she helped others plan wedding invitations and special events!


So, Paula’s prediction came true! Meghan is a modern royal whose kindness and giving nature must have truly impressed Prince Harry!