Did Blake Just Dump Gwen?

No way! Did Blake Shelton just dump Gwen Stefani?

Lordy, lordy, did we just hear right? Did Blake Shelton just dump gorgeous Gwen Stefani? Well, according to sources, Blake left her last month after dealing with too many of their issues.


One problem was they were trying and trying to get pregnant to no avail. Also, sources said Gwen was jealous over other women and she had a difficult relationship with her ex, rocker Gavin Rossdale. Apparently, they had a huge fight last month when Blake said he didn’t want Gwen to come on tour with him and then left without saying goodbye! This has been, of course, super difficult for Gwen!


Blake is on the road now, but sources say they are still together! And also, they say that Gwen and Blake are very much in love! Well, who are we to judge true love! As complicated as it is, they are still together and we wish them the best while Blake is on tour!