Dead Woman Gives Birth in Coffin

Scientists study the phenomenon of coffin birth.

In the Italian city of Imola, archeologists have found tombs dating back to the early Middle Ages. Among the remains found in 2010, were that of a mother and child. However upon finding the bodies, the positioning of both was peculiar.


With further examination, it was determined that at the time of her death, the woman was still pregnant. She was buried with the child still intact in her womb. And after her death and burial, her body pushed out the child, thus explaining the odd positioning in the coffin.

Scientists also determined that the woman had undergone brain surgery approximately a week before her death as a hole was drilled into her skull. This was common in the Middle Ages as doctors used this procedure to treat a wide list of ailments. This woman might have suffered from eclampsia which is a disorder that may happen before, during or after pregnancy.


Coffin birth is the expulsion of the dead fetus through the vaginal opening of a deceased woman due to the buildup of gases in the body. These gases push the fetus out even though both parties are deceased! Unbelievable!