Aubrey O’Day and Donald Trump Jr. Affair Ended When His Wife Found Their Emails!

Aubrey O’Day, and Donald Trump Jr’s. affair was discovered by his pregnant wife!

You might have already heard that when Aubrey O’Day met Donald Trump Jr. on the set of “Celebrity Apprentice’ the two had a sizzling affair. So much so, that he reportedly said that he would leave his wife for her.


Apparently, he also told Aubrey that he and his wife were on the outs and that is why she agreed to the relationship in the first place! And to top it all off, his wife, Vanessa, discovered their relationship by finding emails of their alleged affair! And to make matters worse, Vanessa was pregnant at the time!


All of this happened in 2012 and even Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken, who were contestants on “Celebrity Apprentice” then, seemed to know. Arsenio Tweeted, “The year @clayaiken … and I were on Celebrity Apprentice garnered great reality TV for NBC. But we both used to say that the GREATER show, was going on behind the scenes.’


No doubt that Vanessa was probably devastated at the time. And this is adding to the reason why Vanessa Trump has filed for a divorce from Donald Trump Jr. less than a week ago today.