Are Zombie Raccoons Headed YOUR Way?

Residents are reporting “zombie raccoons’ in neighborhood!

Watch out, folks! Residents of Youngstown, Ohio, are reporting sightings of “zombie raccoons’ that are exhibiting extremely odd behavior. What are they doing?


These “zombie raccoons’ are seen standing up on their hind legs. They are also baring their teeth and snarling. Then, they fall over!


Youngstown police have had several reports of these “zombie raccoons’ and witnesses have said that these raccoons are unlike any other. They aren’t even scared off by loud noises or big motions. In addition, raccoons are nocturnal and are primarily active at nighttime. But most of the calls to the police department have been made during the day!


So far, authorities have put down 15 “zombie raccoons’! The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is saying these raccoons don’t have rabies. But they might have distemper which can affect raccoons and other wildlife.


So, watch out in your neighborhood, you might have “zombie raccoons’ living close by!