Are Katy and Orlando Actually Married?

Did Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom marry in secret?

What just happened? Did Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom manage to secretly get married right under our noses?


Well, sources have said that the high-profile couple got married while in Prague! And that although they have been known to be “on and off’ during their relationship, they are actually already married!


No way! And insider friends say that Katy has never had a connection with a man like she has with Orlando. They were officially “back on’ as of their vacation that they took to the Maldives during the New Year. And since then, they’ve been closer than ever.


However, Katy’s rep said that this is not true. But her rep confirmed they did go to Prague together and are seeing each other. So, we guess they haven’t walked down the aisle yet. Who knows though as their love continues to bloom!