100 Years of Pageant Makeup

100 Years of Pageant Makeup

Pageant makeup has changed a lot over the years. Ever since the early beginnings, until today makeup looks have evolved in any sphere of beauty. One of the reasons is that back in the 1920 women didn’t have the access to as many products as we have today. Plus, at those times, the only ones who wore makeup, were the ladies who had a stage job. It was considered as a part of the costumes that actresses and singers had to put on for their performances. The first beauty contests first appeared in the 20s. But things weren’t even closely diverse like today. At that time, people tended to celebrate the natural beauty. In the last century, we witnessed many trends that put the accent on lipsticks, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush and even eyebrows. Those same trending topics affected the beauty of pageants and the contestants.

The first decade was mostly about barely-there makeup looks. Also, the hairstyles were simple and elegant. Women flaunted glowing skin and lightly accented eyes. There were even contestants that participated without a drop of makeup.

The following decade was a complete turn-around. In the 30s, the trends were all about bold looks. These years there was a peak of popularity in daring lipstick colors. Many women chose dark shades such as burgundy. The eyeshadow was also excessive and applied to all over the lids. Ladies didn’t spare their products and opted for dark, black eyeshadows. The only minimal thing was the eyebrows. Women plucked them into very thin arches that looked like lines.

100 Years of Pageant Makeup 30s

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Another important decade in the history of pageant makeup is the ’80s. At that time everyone went by the rule of “more is more”. The contestants paid equal attention to all the facial features. The use of makeup was excessive on the lips, eyes, cheeks, lashes, and brows. Women accented their lips with daring lipstick colors such as orange, pink or red. When it comes to eyes, there was a little bit of everything. Daring eyeshadows, thick eyeliners, and brows were in the game. They also made a strong case for using an excessive amount of rouge.

100 Years of Pageant Makeup

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As we approach to present day, you will find many of the trends familiar. The 2010s pageant makeup involves many of the techniques we use today. In the beginning of the decade, contestants flaunted smokey eyes and contoured faces. Another thing that you’ll often see during beauty contests is the glossy lips. Instead of the matte lipsticks that beauty influencers are rocking today, these women stuck to the lip gloss trend.

Written by Martina Todorovska
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