100 Years of Eyeliner

100 Years of Eyeliner

Although many of us have the impression that the eyeliner has been around forever, the truth is a bit different. Before the 1920s ladies had no clue about this makeup technique. Imagine not knowing about a fierce cat eye and not making it a part of your everyday routine. This makeup product made its debut at the beginning of the 20s. Until then women had a different perspective on using beauty products. In the 1910s makeup was mostly natural. It was an era of Victorian looks, that slowly started fading away. The following period was strongly influenced by entertainers such as actresses, singers, and performers. Find out more about the history of the eyeliner in the video below.

During the first decade of eyeliner, women opted for dramatic looks. This is the time when they experimented with loads of makeup and created statement appearances. The liner soon became their favorite product. A smudgy kohl trend was all over the lids of every single lady. Large cosmetic companies such as Max Factor and Revlon earned big time during this period.

The ’40s completely change the game on how women perceived the eyeliner. Now it wasn’t used only to enhance their eyes. There was a time in this decade when ladies experienced a shortage of stockings during World War 2. So they were clever enough to create an illusion of seams on the back of their legs. Women used an eyeliner to draw a thin black line for those purposes.

100 Years of Eyeliner 40s

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If you are ’80s child, you probably remember how much color these years involved. Starting from vibrant outfits, to colorful makeup looks, it was all about standing out. Nothing gives such a dramatic effect as vivid eyeshadows and cat liners. This was a decade full of experiments. Each lady wanted to try new shades such as blue, green, yellow and even add a little bit of glitter. And they didn’t save on eyeliner either. Women from all around the world created striking looks for all occasions. Some of those were done with a black eyeliner and a colorful eyeshadow, while others used liners in different hues. Today you will find this trend tacky or too much for your taste. But at that time more was more.

100 Years of Eyeliner 80s

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These days thanks to the innovative makeup artists and the diverse trends in the beauty industry you can rock your eyeliner however you want. Thanks to Instagram we are all encouraged to use more color, shapes, and sparkle.

Written by Martina Todorovska
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