Style Guide: How To Revamp Black Jeans

Style Guide How to Revamp Black Jeans
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Let’s talk about a piece of clothing that each of us owns. The black jeans are classic. And because of that you often forget their potential. Black jeans are so easy to mix and match that is unacceptable to wear them in boring ways. Yes, a simple shirt looks good with black jeans, but dare to go further than that.

Layer, add some fun prints, play with silhouettes, the options are endless. Since black is a neutral color, you can stay in the neutral palette, and still, flaunt an eye-catching outfit. Camel, gray and beige tones blend seamlessly with black. To that, you can add at least one printed piece to add life to the outfit. Check and plaid outwear in neutral colors look amazing with black jeans. Since these patterns are trending this season, you have one more reason to treat yourself (if you haven’t already).

To elevate your style get cropped, ripped or black jeans with an interesting cut. Skinny jeans are very versatile, but if you are an aspiring street style icon forget about those. Nowadays street fashion obsessives love cropped jeans with distressed hems. They like to wear them with pointed toe low heeled ankle boots. Get this style in black and it won’t be hard to pair it with anything in your closet. Don’t forget to flaunt your black jeans with trending puffer at some point.

Don’t be afraid to play with vibrant colors. Since your jeans are black, you can include any other colors that you want. One of the hues to play up this season is red. And red looks insanely gorgeous when accompanied by black. This is a statement-making hue that gets all the attention in combination with black. All-black outfits are also an option, but make sure you aren’t boring. We have a complete guide on how to nail an all-black outfit, so make sure to check it out before going that way. And when it comes to prints, dare to mix and match. You can add a lot of patterned details in one outfit. The black jeans will keep the balance of the combo. For example, get printed boots and pair them with printed cardigan or top.

You can never go wrong with black jeans. But let’s admit you can be lazy and boring. We won’t let that happen to you. Flip through our gallery to see how to revamp black jeans this season.

Style Guide How to Revamp Black Jeans olive jacket, white top and black jeans

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