Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About P. Diddy

P. Diddy is one of the most popular artists of all times. His contribution to music is undisputed and legendary. The rapper is known for having quite the diva attitude, but there are so many other interesting facts about him that you’ve probably missed. From secrets about his family to his multiple name changes, check out these shocking things.

He Changed His Name More Times Than You Know

Interesting or Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About P. Diddy suit

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We all know him as P. Diddy, Diddy or even Puff. The truth is that Sean Combs has changed his stage name so many times it’s hard to keep track. Sean is his born name, but during his long career, he’s made some shocking choices. When he was a young child, everyone knew him as Puffy, so that’s where Puff Daddy came from. He would often “huff and puff” when angry, while Daddy is a synonym for “player”. It was in 2005 when Combs decided he wanted to be known as P. Diddy. This is probably the name that stuck the most, and the one which the whole world knows. That wasn’t good enough for the artist, so he later went with only Diddy. Three years later, another change! This time it was Sean John. You’ll be even more surprised to hear the one from 2011- Swag. Just last year, Diddy announced that he wanted people to call him Love, but shortly after admitted he was only joking.

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