Celebrity-Approved Orange Lipstick Looks

Celebrity-Approved Orange Lipstick Looks
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Show-stopping lipstick colors are trending again. And there probably isn’t a single color that brings a more dramatic effect than the orange. If you are a real makeup junkie than you must know that celebrities are obsessed with this shade. It compliments different skin tones. The orange shade is very easy to use, in spite of the fact that many ladies are afraid to try. Red and nudes are getting too ordinary, so it’s the time to experiment with something new. Especially if you are wearing a simple outfit, this bold shade will provide that wow factor.

This is not a trend that you can flaunt only in spring or summer. It is a look reserved for every time of the year and every occasion. The striking color will really make your look much more fun. Just a tiny pop of color will make you feel so much better.

A lot of famous designers painted the lips of their models orange on the fall runway shows. Which means that this color is here to stay. Orange lipstick was recently voted as the most flattering shade after the red one. So there isn’t a single doubt on what your next makeup purchase should be.

Also, there are many different hues that you can try. Burnt orange is a huge thing right now. It looks perfect in combination with bronze eyeshadow. Another thing you should go for is a matte striking orange lip. This is officially the most dramatic hue that will bring a lot of drama in your look. If you are opting for a dark eyeshadow and you want to tone it down with the lipstick, then peachy nude tones should be your choice. There are also many celebrities that fell in love with the coral shades of orange. It’s a color that will bring freshness to your look and you can wear every day.

Kendall Jenner loves flaunting her favorite orange lipstick. The supermodel is the ambassador of Estée Lauder, so she regularly uses their products. For one of her recent appearances, Kendall opted for a very natural look that involved glowing skin and a hint of mascara. Her makeup artists made sure to include a vibrant lip color to make her appearance even better.

Here are our favorite celebrity makeup looks that involve an orange lip. Emily Ratajkowski went with a glossy subdued shade of this color, while Olivia Moon chose a matte striking hue. Flip through the pictures below for an additional A-lister inspiration on the orange lip.

Olivia Munn

Celebrity-Approved Orange Lipstick Looks Olivia Munn

Photo Credit: @patrickta/Instagram

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